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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

ek aur krantiveer (dubbed)
  upendra, neha pendse (hp), mansi (hp), naziya (rashya), umashree, ranayana raghu, pradeep rahul (mumbai), jeevi, lakshman, sathyajith, sadhu kokila, g k govind rao, bts murthy, venkata rao, ashok reddy, tennis krishna, adarsh, latha, bhavya, cyber venu, master shashank, sadashiva brahmavar, ashwath narayan, m s karanth, b k shankar, biradar, ramamurthy, ravindranath, koushik, joe simon, prithviraj
  l lingaraj, p thyagu
  om saiprakash
Year of Release
  vijay (upendra) is the wayward in the childhood. he bunks the classes, plays cards collecting friends. this is shocking to his mother and grandfather who have great hopes on him. the grandfather knowing the true colors of vijay dies of heart attack while his mother kicks him out of the house giving a label of ‘parodi’. vijay runs away from his village to become a street smart. he is recognized by a money lender who uses him for his whims and fancies. vijay has his own ideologies. he does not like those who say it is not possible. vijay is a source of energy for the people in his colony. in comes the problem from heavy weights in the society to the colony where vijay is living. the hindu and muslim community disturbance created by miscreants reaches the peak. parodi takes law in to his hands at this stage and kills the judge, police officer and two politicians in the day light. the revolutionary thinking in vijay finally lands him into trouble. he is sentenced to gallows. just before vijay is hanged he is saved as documents provided by journalist support vijay.
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